Saturday, July 21 2018 at 8pm - one night only!
    WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO SELLING OUT AND ARE NO LONGER SELLING TICKETS ONLINE! PLEASE CALL THE BOX OFFICE AT (413) 542-3750 TO CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY OR TO GET ON THE WAITING LIST. You’ve heard of poetry slams – competitive poetry events. This is one is for first person, true stories – told live and without notes – just like most of the shows you see on the lineup this season. Cash Bar & Prizes! Tickets are $16, which goes to support the Ko Festival of Performance. Additional donations gratefully accepted.
    Stories must be true and told without notes, and under 5 minutes long, and related to our season theme of "RADICAL ACTS." It could be a story about you, or a story about someone or something you've personally observed, but somehow it must be have that first-person element. Lots of room for lots of kinds of stories. There will be some pre-selected ringers, but this might be your opportunity to take your place on the Ko Festival stage alongside KoFest artists & staff. We’ll have a few slots reserved for last minute sign-ups —our very first grand prize winner was someone who decided at the last minute to share a hilarious story about her experiences being fitted for a Playboy Bunny costume at the Playboy Club in NYC. If we have too many sign-ups, we’ll audition the first lines of stories – and audience members will get to vote on which ones should be told in their entirety! Feeling a bit unsure? We’re offering a limited number private storytelling coaching sessions from Ko Festival artists! Call 413.427.6147 to sign-up for one of these slots or for more information. Price for this coaching is a donation to the Ko Festival. Whatever you can afford. Know a great raconteur? – tell them about the event! Everyone should come prepared to listen, but you may want to come prepared to tell! Club style lighting will be by Holly Gettings. And to help you wet your whistle we’ll have a cash bar. And prizes! We'll be saving a few slots to be given away on the night - but we're currently accepting pitches for pre-slotting. To be considered for pre-slotting please email info@kofest.com about your story, and give us a little biographical background. Or you can call (413) 427-6147. You may also wish to hone your story by taking Gerard Stropnicky's FIRST PERSON: Crafting your Story for Performance Workshop which runs from July 16-21.

    Fri. & Sat. July 28-29 at 8pm, Sunday July 30 at 4pm NEW WORLD PERFORMANCE LAB Conceived and performed by JAIRO CUESTA Directed by JAMES SLOWIAK Two years ago, NWPL set out on an expedition to understand their hometown’s relationship with rubber. Through the pillaging of natural rubber in the Amazon forests, and the working class citizens who broke their backs building tires – Akron, OH became the "Rubber City." In this solo performance Colombian actor and NWPL C0-Artistic Director,  Jairo Cuesta performs a ritual of storytelling, a sacrifice to heal the city. In this moving evocation of the jungles of the Amazon where countless indigenous men, women, and children were mutilated and massacred in the mad search for natural rubber, Cuesta seeks to lead the public on a quest for the sources of a city’s sorrow. Through his virtuosic physical and vocal skills, Cuesta enacts a ritual of storytelling, a sacrifice to heal the city by confronting the violence and blood on which the city is built.  The piece has been directed by University of Akron theatre professor and NWPL co-artistic director James Slowiak. DEATH OF A MAN is an attempt at authentic intercultural understanding by reengaging the past and bringing it alive in the present. The performance is not meant to sentimentalize the story or merely invoke empathy, but to interrogate, criticize, and empower by opening a dialogue between text, past, present, performer, and audience.  The performance event is based loosely on John Tully’s book, “The Devil’s Milk: A Social History of Rubber,” along with other historical and fictional sources. Cuesta and Slowiak traveled to the Amazon in 2016 where they engaged in meetings with members of the indigenous community represented in the performance. Watch this fascinating video about their trip to the Amazon.
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    BECAUSE OF THE HEAT WE ARE MOVING THE SHOW TO THE AIR-CONDITIONED HOLDEN THEATER ON THE AMHERST COLLEGE CAMPUS. Sunday July 21 at 8pm Because of the more limited seating reservations are suggested!

      Performed by the METTAWEE RIVER THEATRE COMPANY Directed by RALPH LEE The Mettawee River Theatre Company has spent two years preparing a new version of THE RING DOVE, which they first performed  in 1988. An allegorical tale about friendship, it is drawn from THE PANCHATANTRA, a collection of stories whose origins reach back over 2,000 years, to ancient India.  The central characters are a crow, a rat, a turtle and a gazelle, whose behavior and relationships reflect many aspects of human nature. The production tells the story of the creatures’ growth in friendship with each other, as they achieve strength and harmony through cooperation and understanding. The production will incorporate an array of giant figures, puppets, and masks and will be performed out under the stars in a landscape permeated with live music, song and a spirit of celebration. NOW IN AMHERST COLLEGE'S HOLDEN THEATER! Tickets: $9 Adults / $7 Children (12 & under). Cash or check only. Supported, in part, by the Amherst Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency
  • Tense Vagina
    Fri. & Sat. July 14 & 15 at 8pm,  Sun. July 16 at 4pm Created and performed by SARA JULI TENSE  VAGINA: an actual diagnosis is about motherhood — its beauty, challenges, isolation, comedy and influence on the human experience. This hour-long evening-length solo uses humor, movement, sounds, songs, text and audience participation to reveal “all that is awesome and all that sucks” when it comes to being a mother. TENSE VAGINA focuses on the seldom-discussed and taboo aspects of motherhood, such as loss of bladder control, tears, monotony, loneliness and dildos. The narrative is anchored in sharing the physical therapy Sara received at The Pelvic Floor Rehab Center of New England as she sheds light and humor on her treatment of post-childbirth urinary incontinence. Created and Performed by Sara Juli with an original set by Pamela Moulton, Costume by Carol Farrell and with Lighting Design by Justin Moriarty, adapted by Sabrina Hamilton. The show runs 1 hour with no intermission and is not appropriate for children due to its strong language, subject matter and dildos. WE WILL BE PROVIDING ON-SITE CHILDCARE FOR THE SUNDAY, 4PM SHOW.  Please call the box office after July 3 at (413) 542-3750 to reserve and so that we can get information about your child.  
    “Who knew a tense vagina could be so funny?” – Dance View Times “Tense Vagina is the rare piece that harnesses art and advocacy into perfect harmony, making for an unforgettably hilarious and edifying experience.” – Independent Weekly "Like a standup routine performed in a supine position while doing Kegel exercises.” – The New Yorker "Tense Vagina is thrillingly feminist, and very much belongs to the current zeitgeist.” - The Five Point Star
  • mettawee-ko-2017


    Sunday, July 23 at 8pm - One Show Only! Special All-Ages Event Performed by the METTAWEE RIVER THEATRE COMPANY Directed by RALPH LEE The Mettawee River Theatre Company has spent two years preparing this new piece, BEFORE THE SUN AND MOON, which is drawn from an ancient Korean folktale. It is a magical story, in which a husband and wife discover the power of love and devotion through many unexpected challenges and wild adventures. The production will incorporate an array of giant figures, puppets, and masks and will be performed out under the stars in a landscape permeated with live music, song and a spirit of celebration. On the Amherst College Observatory Lawn off of Snell Street in Amherst. Bring blankets, lawn chairs and insect repellent, but leave the dogs at home! Tickets: $9 Adults / $7 Children (12 & under). Cash or check only, No credit cards at the door. No reservations necessary! (Unless the weather looks iffy on the day of the performance, in which case the rain space is the Holden  Theatre) Running Time: Approx. 1 hour. Mettawee's performance at Ko is supported, in part, by the Amherst Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency

    Fri. & Sat. July 27-28 at 8pm, Sunday July 29 at 4pm BLACK SWAN ARTS & MEDIA Writer/Performer: HELEN STOLTZFUS Director/Dramaturg: ALBERT GREENBERG Original Director/Dramaturg Martha Boesing Lighting Design: SABRINA HAMILTON What happens when the last grizzly bear dies? What happens to a sleep that is no longer slept by a bear? LIKE A MOTHER BEAR follows one woman’s extraordinary journey to healing in which she encounters the Great Bear Mother of the imagination and the very real endangered bear of the wilderness.  Based on the playwright’s personal story, this life-changing experience propels her on an odyssey that moves from the bear den of dreams to the office of an Elvis-impersonating acupuncturist to the Alaska wilderness. She relives her past illness and infertility, grappling with the “womb-knowledge” that insists that life continue even in the face of environmental devastation. In the wilds she comes to understand the connection between her own endangered health and that of the threatened grizzly bear – as well as the painful and exhilarating secret of what it means to become like a mother bear. In this groundbreaking call to action, personal healing and the welfare of future generations are inextricably entwined with the survival of the natural world. A compelling quest for birth of spirit… San Francisco Examiner This is a deeply significant personal journey that has great meaning for individual women and for the planet... Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of Goddesses in Every Woman and Close to the Bone
  • Fri. & Sat. August 4 & 5 at 8pm.  Sun. August 6 at 7pm. (Note non-standard curtain time) Created by TEAM SUNSHINE PERFORMANCE CORPORATION and THE PHILLY PIGEON/JACOB WINTERSTEIN Directed at Ko by Alex Torra (Team Sunshine) With participation by KoFest artists, a secret lineup of local performers, and members of the Detroit ensemble A HOST OF PEOPLE In an era where facts don't seem to matter, in an area where fractious town meetings are the rule, and in a time when we have lost all sense of the humanity of those who disagree with us — we invite you to an evening of utter nonsense. What is it? The Society of Civil Discourse is an interactive night of debate, appreciation, hating and rhetorical excess. It’s  all about style, not substance. The event gives people a chance to have fun in community, with art at the center. Its an event where the line between performer and audience member gets blurred. You can come and quietly watch the entire night, or you might take us up on this opportunity to show off your best rhetorical skills. You might even be might tapped for the Great Debate that concludes the evening. But most of all, you'll have the opportunity to learn to love the people you argue passionately with. SO WHAT HAPPENS? The best way to understand is to watch this brief video: As you can see, the evening’s events will happen in several phases. Attendees get name tags and there is a brief period for mingling, beverages, after which all present are called to order and invited to become members of the fictitious SOCIETY OF CIVIL DISCOURSE.  After a brief and fun induction ceremony, audience members are invited to circulate between three or four different talking stations at their own pace.  At these stations your trained facilitators will guide you into a debate, gripe session, appreciation. You might defend an opinion: Pick a card with silly opposing views on it. Defend one.  You listen to others make noises of appreciation 0r disagreement. And at any time you can take a break to get a drink or a snack. THE FINAL PHASE IS THE GREAT DEBATE: Professional Argument Teams and a few outstanding audience members selected from Phase 1 engage in a 5 round debate over a secret topic. After choosing a team name there will be 5 debate rounds: Round 1: Opening Statements Round 2: Personal testimony Round 3: Fake statistics Round 4: Mime Round 5: Closing statements We invite you to watch, heckle, applaud and vote for the winners. The meeting of the Society of Civil Discourse is formally adjourned but you are invited to stay and hang with all the cool people you've just met — and argued passionately with.
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