July 28 – One Day Only!

WEB-STREAMING LIVE PERFORMANCE: amplify your community & create national dialogue


This one-day workshop, facilitated by Jamie Gahlon of  HowlRound: A Center for the Theater Commons, will give participants a basic understanding to a commons-based approach to technology, followed by  a practical, hands-on livestreaming lab that will culminate with HowlRound TV events featuring a KoFest performance.

The morning will begin with a discussion about how live-streaming video of an event can be used to amplify community & create national dialogue. This will be followed by and opportunity to view  “CONVERSATIONS WITH MY MOLESTER: A Journey of Faith” and then by hands-on training  where we will be  live-streaming Ko’s STORY SLAM – a night of competitive true, first person stories on our season theme of “Courage.”



Jamie Gahlon is a theatermaker. She is the Associate Director of HowlRound: A Center for the Theater Commons at Emerson College where she edits the HowlRound blog, and co-produces The New Play Map, HowlRound TV, and HowlRound’s convenings. Prior to her work at Emerson, Jamie spent five years at Washington D.C.’s Arena Stage. In Spring 2012, Jamie performed in Natsu Onoda Power’s  Astroboy & the God of Comics  at Studio Theatre 2ndstage, and served as scenic designer for Derek Goldman’s  Begotten: O’Neill & the Harbor of Masks  as part of Arena Stage’s O’Neill Festival. Jamie holds a BSFS in Culture & Politics from Georgetown University, and originally hails from the land of 10,000 lakes.


About HowlRound


HowlRound is committed to modeling a commons-based approach to advancing the health and impact of the not-for-profit theater.

We design and develop online knowledge platforms and in-person gatherings that promote peer-to-peer participation, organizational collaboration, field-wide research, and new teaching practices to illuminate the breadth, diversity, and impact of a commons-based approach to theater practice.


Our Statement of Principles

  • We reaffirm the original purpose of not-for-profit theater as our organizing principle, to understand theater in the context of its communities, artists, and institutions as an instrument of civilization.
  • We use a commons-based approach to our work that includes open-sourcing, peer-to-peer processes, and community-sourced knowledge that we share freely through internet-based technologies and in-person gatherings.We believe the value of not-for-profit theater transcends market exchange.
  • We embrace the concepts of open innovation and believe that the theater field will be advanced only through the pooling and sharing of knowledge and resources.
  • We, thus, strive to be a space where people can bring the knowledge and resources they are able to share and to use the knowledge and resources they need.
  • We engage our role as global citizens and participate in international efforts that align with our commons-based thinking.



We have created commons-based platforms to encourage:

  • Increased sharing of resources.
  • Alignments and efficiencies to free more resources for theater makers and to minimize the cost of infrastructure.
  • Value-generation that’s not based solely in market transactions.
  • Reduced barriers to access and increased participation in the theater.
  • The creation of new tools and platforms by others.

HowlRound is modeling a commons.

We are not The Commons.

A theater commons, if it is to be manifested, will need to be co-created by others committed to its existence.


Workshops are geared for participants of all levels of experience, whose ages have run from 18-85.

This workshop will take place on Sunday July 28 in the Holden Theater on the Amherst College campus.  We will meet from 11a.m. – approximately 1 p.m. and the break with an opportunity to see CONVERSATIONS WITH MY MOLESTER: A Journey of Faith at 4pm.  break briefly and then take part in the live-streaming of the Ko Festival’s Story Slam & Party that begins at 8pm.  It is possible to attend just the 11:00 – 1:00 session.

The cost is $50, to cover Ko’s administrative costs.  HowlRound is providing the content gratis.
Driving Instructions to Amherst College

Amherst College campus map.