JULY 12 – 17

DEVISED THEATRE: Story Circle & Song as Source

with Nick Slie, Artistic Director of Mondo Bizarro (New Orleans)

Devised theater is like preparing food from scratch. You choose a recipe, carefully combine often-disparate ingredients, decide upon a cooking method, season to taste and serve. For this workshop, the primary ingredients are personal stories and group singing.

Stories will be generated using an inviting and surprising process called Story Circles that uses the age-old tradition of storytelling as a way to bring people together and build relationships in a lively, equitable environment.

Whether you think you can sing or not, whether you think you have a story to tell, this workshop is for you. A creative voyage that explores the dynamic possibilities of story, song and movement to generate new performance work. READ MORE


JULY 26 – 31

EGOLESS ACTORS: A Puppetry Intensive

with Eric and Ines Bass of the world-renowned Sandglass Theater from Putney, VT

Sandglass Theater believes that the puppet, as a theatrical medium, unlocks doors to our more secret sides and to integrating parts of ourselves.

This includes the worlds of our dreams and memories, as well as all the metaphorical possibilities of theater.

Sandglass teaches a method of manipulation developed in over 20 years of workshops in the US and abroad. READ MORE



CREATING SOLO PERFORMANCE: Amusing the Muse (or – The Art of Juggling the Truth)

with world-renowned juggler & solo theater artist Sara Felder

A repeat of last summer’s sold-out, life-changing workshop on developing performance material from our own lives using objects, character work, monologues and humor.

We will write, try on different performance styles, create images, play with objects, investigate characters, consider different narrative voices, find the humor in the pain (and vice versa) experiment, fail, laugh and surprise ourselves.

Use this workshop to generate material towards a solo show, emphasize the use of performance to say something important, and, if we’re lucky, to amuse (or schmooze or cruise) the Muse.