Photograph of Deletta Gillespie, a middle-aged Black woman looking at the camera with a slight smile. She has shoulder-length dreads, and is wearing a necklace of grey and amber beads with above a bronze spiral. She is wearing a raspberry-colored shirt with gold bead edging around the scoop neck.

THE MAGIC CITY MASSACRE • Streaming online June 19, 2020 at 7:30 EST

selections of the play by DELETTA GILLESPIE
Post-show discussion will follow and include DARYL DAVIS, noted for his work convincing Klansmen to leave and denounce the KKK. Closed captioning available

Situated in the fictional Museum of Conveniently Forgotten History, “The Magic City Massacre” tells the story of one of the most prosperous black communities in the history of the United States, how Tulsa came to be the site of the worst incidence of civil unrest second only to the Civil War, and why almost one-hundred years later, most Americans still don’t know about it. Your exhibit guide is
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