KO Festival interns and Technical Director Holly Gettings on the catwalk of the Holden Theater

We are not offering any internships in 2023.


The performances at Ko are are adventurous, devised works created by the people who perform them & their teams of collaborators. We are not ready to announce our season yet, but as soon as we are you’ll be able  visit our home page for more information about our 2022 lineup.

Who Might Be Interested

Naturally those with a theater or dance background, but also to those compelled by the devised work, civic dialogue or ensemble or solo performance.  Most often our interns are undergraduate or graduate students, but we have also had faculty members and practicing professionals who want to re-energize and widen their horizons join us.

Interns have ranged from 18-55 and have been students, educators and professionals looking to expand their horizons.

General Description

Interns work closely with the staff and the visiting artists to execute the full range of summer activities, including mounting and running of the shows, assisting with rehearsal residencies where new work is being created, hosting the visiting artists and workshop students, and the creation of visual displays about the work.

Experience, particularly in the technical and front-of-house aspects of theatrical production, is welcome but all interns will receive additional training for their work, which will be in a multiplicity of production areas.  Our interns do not specialize. We do, however, take requests for particular assignments for particular productions.  We assume each intern will come to us with some skills, but that nobody will have experience in all of our task areas.  We have time in our schedule to train each of our interns in multiple new skills.

Interns are full members of the artistic community at the festival, and as such are encouraged to participate in the discussions that follow all the performances at the festival.

Useful Information

Covid-permitting, all activities will be held on the Hampshire College campus in Amherst, MA  July 5 – August 2, 2022.

Internship dates may be somewhat flexible.  An early start may be available for those desiring a longer experience, but no housing will be available

In 2022  interns will be paid  a stipend. Housing is also provided in on-campus apartments with kitchens, keeping the cost of living low, or you can choose to find your own housing off-campus.  In that case, it will be necessary to have a car, as the summer schedules of the local bus service will not meet the intern’s needs.

In general, cars are useful, but not absolutely necessary as the housing and performance spaces are within walking distance of each other.

The campus is easily reached by bus (to Amherst Center) and train (to Northampton, MA) nearest airport is Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT (BDL).

To Apply:

Download the application form.

Email it to sabrina@kofest.com and Artistic Director, Sabrina Hamilton, will contact you to set up a phone or Zoom or FaceTime interview.

QUESTIONS? Call (413) 427-6147.