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Year 1 (1992)
Joan Evans
Peter Lobdell, Janna Goodwin and Sabrina Hamilton
Steve Shill, directed by Graeme Miller
Beatrice Roth
Ara Fitzgerald and Friends
Fay Simpson Dance Theater

Year 2 (1993)
Linda Humes
Joan Evans
MB Regan and Nicole Case (The Dirty Girls)
Jim Calder
Fiona Templeton
Ralph Lee and the Mettawee River Company

Year 3 (1994)
Ralph Lee and the Mettawee River Company, directed by Sabrina Hamilton
Peter Lobdell/Ko Theater Works, Inc.
Jim Calder and William Pope L.
Jeannie Hutchins and Pablo Vela
Jeff Burnett
Ma-Yi Theater Ensemble (Nicky Paraiso, directed by Laurie Carlos)
Preston Foerder
Fay Simpson Dance Theater (directed by Joseph Siravo)

Year 4 (1995)
Pink Inc.
Jim Calder and William Pope L.
Amy Guggenheim
Deb Margolin of Split Britches Theater Company
Molly O’Donnell
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
Robert Langdon Lloyd and Shauna Kanter

Year 5 (1996)
John Kane
Pilgrim Theater Company
Louise Smith and Ping Chong
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
William Pope L.
Sabrina Hamilton/Ko Theater Works, Inc.

Year 6 (1997)
Jeff Janisheshki and Company
Court Dorsey and Wendy Woodson
Fay Simpson Dance Theater
Colleen Werthmann
UNIART Group of Romania with Nic Ularu, written by Matei Visniec

Year 8 (1999)
Dan Froot and David Dorfman
Marybeth, Nicole Regan (The Dirty Girls) directed by Sheila Siragusa
Robert Langdon Lloyd, directed by Shauna Kanter (VoiceTheater)
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company

Year 9 (2000)
Pilgrim Theatre/Ko Theater Works, written by Janna Goodwin
Cypher Collective
Pontine Movement Theatre

Year 10 (2001)
BJ Goodwin, directed by Janna Goodwin (Ko Theater Works)
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company and the Shakespeare Project
Peaches by Cristal Chanelle Truscott, co-presented with New WORLD Theater
George Bartenieff and Karen Malpede

Year 11 (2002)
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
Kathy Randels (ArtSpot Productions)
Joan Schirle (Dell ‘Arte)
Split Britches/The Clod Ensemble (Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw)

Year 12 (2003)
We hosted a Festival of Ensemble Theater with the Network of Ensemble Theaters
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
Touchstone Theatre, directed by Jerry Stropnicky (Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble)
Irondale Ensemble
NACL and Strike Anywhere (Tannis Kowalchuk and Leese Walker)
Cornerstone Theatre (Shishir Kurup, directed by Page Leong)
Ghost Road Ensemble
Sandglass Theater (Eric Bass)
Chimaera Physical Theater

Year 13 (2004)
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
Lesley Farlow and Mitchell Polin (Ko Theater Works)
Laurie McCants, Theo Bleckmann, F. Elaine Williams, Sabrina Hamilton and Rand Whipple
Eva Ungar Grudin and Yossi Gutmann (Ko Theater Works, directed by Sabrina Hamilton
Pig Iron Theatre (Dito van Reigersberg and Dan Rothenberg)

Year 14 (2005)
Kathy Randels, Katie Pearl (ArtSpot Productions) by Lisa D’Amour and Tom McDermott
Naoko Maeshiba and Tatsuya Aoyagi
Nora Amin (cancelled, due to visa issues)
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
Miguel Romero

Year 15 (2006)
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Company
Nicky Paraiso and Ralph Pena (Ma-Yi Theater)
Pilgrim Theatre, written by Laura Harrington
Wendy Woodson and Present Company: Kathy Couch, Peter Schmitz, Marina Libel, Lisa Biggs and Candice Salyers
Touchstone Theatre, directed by Daniel Stein

Year 16 (2007)
Lenelle Moise and Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble: Sheryl Stoodley, Kathy Couch, Robin Doty & Linda Putnam
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Theatre Company
Deb Margolin, directed by Merri Milwe
Michelle Matlock, directed bty Joan Evans and Amy Gordon

Year 17 (2008)
Dana Salisbury
Lightbox directed by Ellen Beckerman
Woof Nova: Temple Crocker, Annie Kunjappy & Daniel Allen Nelson
Ko Theater Works with Belle Linda Halpern and Ron Roy, directed by Sabrina Hamilton
Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Theatre Company
Peter Lobdell

Year 18 (2009)
Drew the Dramatic Fool
David Ferney
The Mettawee River Theatre Company
Sara Felder
Eric Davis (The Red Bastard)

Year 19 (2010)
Gregory Ramos
Quest Productions
The Performance Project’s “First Generation Ensemble”
Erika Batdorf
Sara Felder
Artspot Productions and Mondo Bizarro

Year 20 (2011)
Laurie McCants, with music by Guy Klucevsek, directed by Sabrina Hamilton
Martha Kemper
The Mettawee River Theatre Company
Kali Quinn
The Performance Project’s “First Generation Ensemble”
Ping Chong (Lecture)
The Ghost Road Company

Year 21 (2012)
Constance Congdon
Ashton Applewhite (Lecture)
Sara Felder
Mettawee River Company
Deb Margolin
Hand2Mouth Ensemble
Sandglass Theatre

Year 22 (2013)
Sean Christopher Lewis
Loading Dock
Mettawee River Theatre Company
The Performance Project’s “First Generation Ensemble”
Michael Mack
Judy Dworin Performance Project

Year 23 (2014)
Carpetbag Brigade
Beau Jest Moving Theatre
Judith Sloan (EarSay)
Mettawee River Theatre Company
The Independent Eye
KoFest Story Slam & Party
Alice Eve Cohen

Year 24 (2015)
Judith Sloan (EarSay)
Nadia P. Manzoor/Paprika Productions
The Mettawee River Theatre Company
Sokeo Ros
KoFest Story Slam & Party
Chinese Theater Works
Onawumi Jean Moss

Year 25 (2016)
Ko Kabaret – 25th Anniversary Celebration
w/KoFest Alums from the first 24 Years
NACL Theatre
Sara Felder
Sandglass Theater
Everett Company
The Performance Project’s “First Generation” Ensemble



2016 Workshops
Nic Ularu
Gerard Stropnicky
Sara Felder

2015 Workshops
Gerard Stropnicky
Jubilith Moore
John Farrell

2014 Workshops
Gerard Stropnicky
Elizabeth Fuller & Conrad Bishop

2013 Workshops
Stephen Kaplin
Daniel Stein
Gerard Stropnicky

2012 Workshops
Naoko Maeshiba
Sara Felder
Juanita Rockwell

2011 Workshops
Kali Quinn
Katharine Noon and the Ghost Road Company
Ping Chong, Talvin Wilks & Sara Zatz

2010 Workshops
Nick Slie (Mondo Bizarro)
Eric & Ines Bass (Sandglass Theater)
Sara Felder

2009 Workshops
Drew Richardson
David Ferney
Sara Felder

2008 Workshops
Katie Down
Deletta Gillespie
Robert Smythe

2007 Workshops
Julie Lichtenberg (The Performance Project)
Laurie McCants (Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble)
Michelle Matlock
Ruth Margraff

2006 Workshops
Justin Townsend and Shannon Scrofano
Michael Rohd (Sojourn Theatre)
Kim Mancuso and Kermit Dunkelberg (Pilgrim Theatre)
Jennie Gilrain and Mark McKenna (Touchstone Theatre)

2005 Workshops
Kathy Randels and Katie Pearl
Isis Misdary Sarital
Mark McKenna & Jenny Gilrain (Touchstone Theater)
Wendy Morton

2004 Workshops
Naoko Maeshiba
Laurie McCants
Pig Iron Theatre

2003 Workshops
Sharon Fogarty & Ruth Maleczech of Mabou Mines
Laurie McCants & Jerry Stropnicky (Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble)
Michael Rohd

2002 Workshops
Sebastian Roser
Kathy Randels
Joan Schirle
Cypher Collective (Amy Baxt & Alex Heilner)

2001 Workshops
Alison Heimstead (Heart of theBeast)
Michael Billingsley
Michael Rohd (Sojourn Theatre)

2000 Workshop
Richard Armstrong

1999 Workshops
Deb Margolin
Robert Langdon Lloyd & Shauna Kanter (VoiceTheater)
Theodora Skipitares