• Introductions to people who might make interesting post-show panelists for one of our shows.
  • People to take program ads or sponsor shows – or introductions to people who might be interested in these.
  • Help in getting the word out about our offerings – do you have a newsletter that you could put us in? Other modes of communication we could use?
  • Donations of  coffee, tea and condiments for artists, staff and interns.
  • Food or beverages for our Friday night artist receptions during the Festival. We have hungry artists and interns!
  • Flowers for our lobby.
  • Help putting up posters, especially outside of the immediate Amherst area.
  • Occasional use of a pick-up truck or large van.
  • Occasional airport runs to pickup or deliver artists and interns.
  • Occasionally we need a few extra beds for artists or workshop students.
  • Off-season archival assistance.
  • What else do you have?

If you might be able to offer any of these things, email