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JIMMY & LORRAINE July 7 & 8 at 8pm; July 9 at 4pm

July 7 & 8 at 8pm, July 9 at 4pm


Jimmy & Lorraine is a meditation on the American political climate of the late ’50s and early ’60s through the lens of two significant artists of the time, James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry…

JIMMY & LORRAINE July 7 & 8 at 8pm; July 9 at 4pm2018-03-29T17:11:47-04:00

TENSE VAGINA: an actual diagnosis July 14 & 15 at 8pm; July 16 at 4pm


Friday & Saturday, July 14 & 15 at 8pm, Sunday,  July 16 at 4pm
Sara Juli

Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis is about motherhood- its beauty, challenges, isolation, comedy and influence on the human experience. This hour-long evening-length solo uses humor, movement, sounds, songs, text and audience participation to reveal “all that is awesome and all that sucks” when it comes to being a mother.

Tense Vagina focuses on the seldom-discussed and taboo aspects of motherhood, such as loss of bladder control, tears, monotony, loneliness and dildos. The narrative is anchored in sharing the physical therapy Sara received at The Pelvic Floor Rehab Center of New England as she sheds light and humor on her treatment of post-childbirth urinary incontinence.

Created and Performed by Sara Juli with an original set by Pamela Moulton, Costume by Carol Farrell and with original lighting designer, Justin Moriarty. The show runs 1 hour with no intermission and is not appropriate for children due to its strong language, subject matter and dildos.

TENSE VAGINA: an actual diagnosis July 14 & 15 at 8pm; July 16 at 4pm2018-03-29T17:11:48-04:00

On Tuesday, May 3, we’ll be taking part in

On Tuesday, May 3, we’ll be taking part in

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2010 Performances



Our 19th season has been curated on the theme of “It’s All in the Family.” We’ll have five weeks of shows that all take a penetrating and entertaining look at families – both traditional and non-traditional; and at the complex and layered ways that family norms, legacies and identity and are forged, accepted, or fought.

July 5 – August 8, 2010

July 9 – 11 FRi & SAT at 8 p.m., SUN at 4 p.m.


with Gregory Ramos
We have lost or are close to losing the people who fought, rallied, and resisted the social structures that once made queerness a crime, a mental disease, and caused us to lie about who we are to ourselves and to the world. They laid the foundation and created the changes that lead to domestic partnerships, civil unions, and (at least in some states) gay marriage. Based on extensive interviews, Gregory Ramos’s new piece seeks to capture the stories of these individuals and their perspectives on aging.
Tickets: $20/16 Students & Seniors.

July 16-18 FRi, SAT & at 8 p.m., SUN at 4 p.m.


Quest Productions
A high flying, fanciful interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. this show explores a young girl’s journey as she tries to find her way – through a forest filled with remarkable and strange creatures and through her equally confusing life at home.
Quest is internationally recognized for its innovative work in visual theatre and its leadership in welcoming people from diverse backgrounds. Told entirely physically, with no words, the production is equally accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing or those not fluent in English.
An all-ages event
Tickets: $20/16 Students & Seniors.

July 18 at 8 p.m. ONE SHOW ONLY!


The Mettawee River Theatre Company‘s annual all-ages event. Originally produced in 1997, this production base on an Iroquois creation tale that will incorporate many puppets representing the spirits and creatures of this young world before the arrival of humans. Performed outdoors in a landscape permeated with music, song and celebration. Performed on the Amherst College Observatory Lawn off of Snell Street.
Tickets: $8 Adults/$5 Children. Rain Space: Amherst Holden Theater

July 23-25 FRi & SAT at 8 p.m., SUN at 4 p.m.


Written & performed by Erica Batdorf
Meet Marty, a creative writing professor at the brink of walking out on her life. In the midst of a lecture she falls apart and begins to expose her struggle to balance writing, motherhood and academia. Marti is passionate, inappropriate and desperate for answers as she challenges her students to examine what is truly radical. Does she walk out on her job, her kids, her whole life? Her guardian angel and a third character, physically paralyses and full of humor, challenges the audience to examine desire in the context of eternity. Enter this funny, magical world where poetry is edible, ruffian angels describe paradise and the audience is fed an unexpected meal.
Tickets: $20/16 Students & Seniors.

July 30, 31 & August 1 & 2 FRi & SAT at 8 p.m., SUN at 4 p.m.


Written & performed by Sara Felder
A huge hit last summer with her production of Out of Sight, Sara Felder is back with
the tale of a traditional Jewish lesbian wedding! Meet the the blissful brides on their first date, the reluctant parents, and the ageless spirit of the Jewish tradition. The questions are deep: Will their parents attend the wedding? Will their marriage be accepted by the Jewish faith? Will the brides both wear wedding gowns? June Bride has delighted audiences in nearly 30 cities in North America and Europe. A provocative and hilarious story of family, tradition and marriage in modern America featuring juggling balls, sharp knives, a crystal ball, and, we hope, a strait jacket escape.
Tickets: $20/16 Students & Seniors.

August 6 – 8 FRI & SAT at 6 p.m., SUN at 4 p.m.


Written & performed by NICK SLIE of Mondo Bizarro
Directed by KATHY RANDALS of ArtSpot Productions
Loup Garou, is about wild and dangerous entity (some say a werewolf) deeply anchored in the folk traditions of southern Louisiana. His story comes from France through Acadia down the Mississippi to Louisiana. Part ritual, part howl to the world about southeast Louisiana’s plight, this outdoor performance that uses rigorous physicality, poetry, live Cajun music and visual installation to investigate the deep interconnectedness between land, family legacy and culture in Louisiana. Director Kathy Randels whose last appearance at Ko was in the memorable Nita & Zita invite you to join them as they sing a song of love and hope for their precarious homeland.
Outdoors on the Amherst College Observatory Lawn
Tickets: $20/16 Students & Seniors

“In the great variety of summer theater in this region, Ko Theater Works’ five-week festival of performance art is unique. Here alone can we venture beyond the literal, lateral, plot-centered theater into worlds where the only certainty is surprise.” — The Valley Advocate


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2015 Workshops






July 20-25

Crafting Your Story for Performance

Gerard Stropnicky
Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
Higher Ground, Swamp Gravy, Flood Stories, etc.

Read more…




Jubilith-teachingJuly 27 – August 1


Jubilith Moore
Theatre Nohgaku

Read more…


August 3 – 8IMG_1727.1

Creating a Poetic Theatre

John Farrell

Figures of Speech Theatre

Read more…

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2015 Performances



2015 SHOWS

This season we looked at experiences of new homes, new lands, —  and perhaps  elicit a revision of what homeland means in a new America. What is the nature of the immigrant experience?  How are newcomers received and perceived – as neighbors, as strangers, or even, as aliens? Thought-provoking and highly entertaining, the following shows were all created by the people who come to Ko to perform them, and their teams of collaborators.


July 10 – 12  Judith Sloan with CROSSING THE BLVD: strangers, neighbors, aliens in a new america

After her hit performances at Ko last summer with YO MISS!, Sloan returns with a kaleidoscopic performance about new immigrants and refugees in Queens, N.Y.  A multimedia vision of the future based on 3 years of oral histories; this is a celebration of resilient, prismatic people — in search of home. (Read more…)


July 17 – 19 Nadia P. Manzoor/Paprika Productions with BURQ OFF!

An autobiographical one-woman show about growing up in modern London in a conservative Pakistani Muslim home — 21 characters punctuated by fierce Bollywood dance moves and a choice between a burqa and a bikini. (Read more…)


July 19th at 8 p.m. The Mettawee River Theater Company with OUT OF THE PAST: Celebrating 40 Years of the Mettawee Journey

Our annual favorites invite you to come see many of your favorite characters – out under the stars with live music, movement, masks and exquisite puppets, in an atmosphere full of magic and celebration. For all ages.  (Read more…)


July 24 – 26 Sokeo Ros with FROM REFUGEE CAMP TO PROJECT

A solo show about a young man born to a Cambodian family in a Thai refugee camp in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge. In America, he finds himself trapped in a ghetto, courted by gangs, surrounded by poverty, violence, and the explosive moods of his traumatized parents. Through hip-hop dance, traditional Khmer dance, storytelling and video, Sokeo shares how self-expression and art have helped him surmount his past and discover the beauty in life.” (Read more…)


You’ve heard of poetry slams – competitive poetry events. This is one is for first person, true stories – told live and without notes, 5 minutes or less — and on the theme of “Fish Out of Water.” We’ll have a couple of wild card slots available on the night, so if you’ve got a story to tell…
(Read more…)


July 31 – August 2 Chinese Theater Works with DAY JOBS, OPERA DREAMS

With unrealistic views of life in the West, and in the face of shrinking audiences and funding cuts, many top Peking Opera performers have elected to leave China to try their luck in the U.S.  On arriving in NYC, the truth they face is stark; it’s not possible to support themselves through their art, the only employment they had known. Told through a blend of Peking Opera, storytelling and contemporary theater techniques. (Read more…)


August 7 – 9 Onawumi Jean Moss with SERIOUSLY…WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?

Noted storyteller and Pioneer Valley resident Onawumi Jean Moss, familiar to many KoFest audience members for her insightful comments in our post-show discussions, brings the season home with her first autobiographical solo, a piece that chronicles her resilient migration through the Jim Crow South, the Civil Rights Movement, the ubiquitous war on poverty and her private struggles of BEING/BECOMING an empowered African American Woman who lifts her voice for justice at home and abroad. (Read more…)


In addition, Cuban-American, multi-disciplinary artist Miguel Romero has created an installation “The World Dances to an Afro-Cuban Rhythm,” that audience members will experience as they arrive at the Holden Theater. He’s collaborating, across the generations, with Marc Friedmun, a PVPA student, who has created the accompanying soundscape. (Read more…)

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