July 16-18, FRI, SAT & at 8 p.m., SUN at 4 p.m.

Created by Nick Olcott and Tim McCarty
Directed by Fred Beam and Tim McCarty
Original Score by Joseph McIntire
Lighting Design by Sabrina Hamilton


A high- flying, fanciful interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland, performed in “Visual Theatre” style. No talk — all movement!

A high flying, fanciful interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. Created by Nick Olcott and TimMcCarty, Alice explores a young girl’s journey as she tries to find her way – through a forest filled with remarkable and strange creatures and through her equally confusing life at home.

The Baltimore Sun describes Quest’s work as “avant garde theatre for the whole family.” Alice enchants and entertains audiences of all ages. First premiered at QuestFest in Baltimore in 2008, the production features a talented ensemble of deaf and hard-of-hearing performers, working in a style called Visual Theatre that allows understanding by all people—regardless of their language, background, or ability Alice, is a pinnacle of Quest’s thirteen year history of creating work that has been performed from coast to coast in the US and at many international festivals.

Alice Falling

In a year when we’ve been forced to think a lot about how young girls, in particular, do and don’t fit into our community, and about cultural difference, isolation and bullying, I think this particular take on The Alice in Wonderland story can a key part in our ongoing dialogue on the subject. BE SURE TO STAY FOR THE POSTSHOW DIALOGUE! —Artistic Director, Sabrina Hamilton


Much of the work of Quest is created and performed in the style of Visual Theatre. Visual Theatre is an approach to performance where the central principles are that of movement and image. In visual theatre, performers communicate information, relationships, and emotion through movement styles, which may include traditional mime, dance, sign language, gesture, or circus arts. Other visual choices within a production might include puppetry, masks, or multimedia elements. Despite the focus on visual choices, a visual theatre presentation is not necessarily silent. Spoken word, music, and sound may be woven into the tapestry of the production. However, the essential meaning of any visual theatre piece is communicated through its visual vernacular. In this way, visual theatre is often seen as a universal art form that is highly accessible to audiences since it transcends the traditional barriers of language, culture, and ability.


Founded in 1997 and based in Lanham, MD, Quest is a group of artists, educators, and dedicated volunteers representing a diverse ethnic, cultural, and artistic panorama. All Quest members are committed to using the arts to oster understanding among all peoples, promote excellence and to enable individuals who have been marginalized to realize their full potential. Quest has performed throughout the United States as well as in China, India, South Africa and other countries. More than 40 percent of its performers are deaf or hard of hearing, and the company seeks performers from all backgrounds.


Nick Olcott directs frequently for the Kennedy Center. Other credits inclue Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the People’s Light and Theatre Company in Phildelphia and Jules Feiffer’s A Bad Friend for Theatre J in Washington, D.C. Additional credits include The Miracle Worker (Arena Stage), The Impresario/Viva la Mamma (Wolf Trap Opera Company), Heartbreak House (Round House Theatre), The Daughter of the Regiment (Boston Lyric Opera), and The Mad Dancers (co-directed with Liz Lerman at Theatre J). For the Voice of America, he has directed numerous plays for radio broadcast, including All My Sons (starring Julie Harris), Seven Days in May (starring Ed Asner), The Heiress (starring Amy Irving and Chris Noth), and The Best Man (starring Marsha Mason).


Holden Theatre, Amherst College. Tickets: $20 Adults / $16 Students/Seniors.
Box Office opens July 5. (413) 542-3750
Prior to that call (413) 427-6147 or email
A very limited number of $8 SPECIAL RUSH TICKETS will be available at exactly 1 hour prior to curtain. Driving Instructions to Amherst College Amherst College campus map.