What “KO” Means

Ko Theater Works is named for the 49th hexagram of the I CHING, the ancient fortune=telling system .
At Ko, we seek to shed traditional structures for creating and producing performance as the first step towards creating alternatives.

KO: Revolution (Molting)

The Judgment

Revolution. On your own day
You are believed.
Supreme success,
Furthering through perseverance.
Remorse disappears.

The Image:

Fire in the lake: the image of Revolution.
Thus the superior man
Sets the calendar in order
And makes the seasons clear.

Nine at the beginning means:
Wrapped in the hide of a yellow cow.

Six in second place means:
When one’s own day comes, one may create revolution.
Starting brings good fortune. No blame.

Nine in third place means:
Starting brings misfortune.
Perseverance brings danger.
When talk of revolution has gone the rounds three times,
One may commit himself,
And men will believe him.

Nine in fourth place means:
Remorse disappears. Men believe him.
Changing the form of government brings good fortune.

Nine in fifth place means:
The great man changes like a tiger.
Even before he questions the oracle
He is believed.

Six at the top means:
The superior man changes like a panther.
The inferior man molts in the face.
Starting brings misfortune.
To remain persevering brings good fortune.